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Designed by Hand - Made with Wood.


Our mission at WebServiceSummit is to deliver handcrafted wooden decor items to individuals who appreciate and value the quality of artisanal craftsmanship.

With Webservicessummit, we put an idea into practice at the end of 2020 that had been buzzing around in our heads for a long time. We want to make cool, stylish products for everyday use, but in a sustainable way. For the most part, we use old wood that has had a life before. Before these witnesses of time are discarded or even disposed of, we take these gems and give them a different purpose for the future. Old solid wood furniture, furnishings, stair treads, half-timbered beams, old skateboards and much more find a new life in our products as companions for your everyday life in the living room and kitchen. We manufacture our products ourselves by hand and attach great importance to quality so that our products continue to write contemporary history and pass from generation to generation. They can and should always be used. They have already experienced a lot and should continue to do so. A real piece of craftsmanship!