Udemy vs. Lynda – What you need to know


We live in a world where information is power, and time is our most valuable resource. However, it is hard to keep track with all relevant information, especially if you cannot find the necessary time to attend special classes or schools.

Luckily, we do live in the 21st century where unconventional ways of learning are encouraged, and more and more people choose online courses and universities to achieve certain skills or improve some they already have. From gardening classes to cosmetology and finances, everything can now be learned online with a minimum effort.

But are these online courses really reliable and, in the end, will they worth your time and money? In my opinion, online schools like Udemy and Lynda tend to be extremely appreciated by those who are looking for quick ways to improve their knowledge and gain new skills. Both of these online schools provide a wide array of courses, so it is up to you to find the most meaningful.



Udemy Online School brags about offering over 65,000 online courses on the most important and freshest topics right now. These courses are delivered by expert instructors who are willing to work with you step by step to acknowledge your weaknesses and help you overcome them.

You can learn on your own schedule, meaning there is complete flexibility when attending the classes and submitting papers. Everything is done under your terms so that you can enjoy learning new skills without interfering with your private or professional life.

The prices of courses vary depending on their topic and complexity. However, if you’re willing to wait for a few weeks, you’ll get to pay only up to 10-15 dollars, which is more than convenient considering the amount of information you’ll get in return.

On the other side, if you’re really in a hurry to put your hands on a hot topic or course, you’ll have to pay insane amounts of money. Another drawback would be that not all courses are taught in a professional way, meaning not all your mentors are right for that job.



Lynda is a professional online service developed and brought to you by Linkedin. The courses it offers are mainly focusing on business, technology, and creative industry. You’ll only have access to around 6,300 courses, but the good thing is that you get a free trial version to see if this online school will work for you.

You’ll get over 600 courses in software development, and over 1200 courses in business to make sure you access the most relevant information for you and your business. In my opinion, Lynda is the more professional option as all courses are extremely thorough and your tutors are well-trained.


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