The sleekest massage chair in the world


Reviews on massage chairs may not include it yet, but the Aventar may just be what the doctor ordered for the harried people of these modern times. Designed to be extremely comfy and relaxing, this state-of-the-art product is from Bodyfriend, a South Korean wellness company that is in the business of creating elaborate massage chairs as well as medical devices that help people relax.

The Aventar is the company’s latest creation. What makes the unit ridiculously fantastic is its luxury sports car configuration. It doesn’t even look like something that can give you an exceptional massage. Will wonders ever cease!



This luxury chair was genuinely inspired by a sports car, believe it or not. Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was a unit with sleek lines in a shiny red and silver. Enveloping the entire body is a bucket chair resembling that of a real sports car. The chair massages the fronts and backs of the legs, arms, hands, shoulders, neck, head, back, and butt, all at the same time.

Because of the bucket-style chair, every body part is amply covered so each one experiences an impressive massage simultaneously.

When the user sits in the chair, the system scans the body and designs a customized massage just for that individual. It measures the height and width of the shoulders, along with the height, weight, and length of the legs. Preferences can be set for individual users using the connected app. You can even set a specific massage for certain areas of the body.


This means if all you want is to get the pain away from the feet, you can opt for a foot massage instead of the full body experience.

The chair is also equipped with heating. The audio guidance can be utilized via the onboard 5.1 speaker system that you can interface through Bluetooth to your TV. The unit also hooks up for engaging in video games for the ultimate relaxed gaming experience.

At the CES, other Bodyfriend models were also available to be tried by attendees. They were all quite capable of delivering the delightful massage experience that may be difficult to match by other products.

The company aims to launch four stores in 2017 in the Los Angeles area. The ultimate objective is to have total brand assimilation by opening 150 stores all over the USA in the next half decade.



Bodyfriend currently boasts 115 stores in South Korea. Those stores are really more than just chair product outlets and are boutique types, with cafes that exude an Apple Store atmosphere compared to a simple Brookstone.

Pricing wasn’t revealed at the CES, but the other Bodyfriend chairs cost anywhere from $10,000 and up so the Aventar is doubtlessly a luxury product.

That said, Bodyfriend hopes to penetrate the market for millennials via its lease-to-own program that has shown plenty of promise in South Korea thus far.

Watch out for the US release of the Aventar in 2018.


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